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Laser 1000 Beams Funny Prank


Surprise everyone! Laser Beams 1000 Funny Prank the perfect prank to play on friends and family!1000 Laser Beams Funny Prank - this is a game simulation of a joke application where you can play on your phone like a laser. Love the beautiful laser? You small one beam and you want more of them? For realism used camera!
With this laser simulator you can play and make sure that someone does not do no harm! Fun to pretend that you have a real laser!
Make fun and play your friends and loved ones!
Laser 1000 Beams Prank has some awesome features:
► HD Laser ► Funny and good for entertainment► 15 Colors of sword► Realistic Laser Simulator► Laser pointer available in different colors► Seven Cosmic backgrounds for laser sword.► Realistic sound and vibration► Plastic or Metal laser Pointer► Joking friends and family► No health hazards
Laser 1000 Beams Funny Prank is prank app and all the results are Fake. There is no relation of real result with this app. it is made for entertainment purpose only.
Understanding! Our Game is created just for fun, and does not bear any harm! Our application is a joke! The game is completely free. You can play it without the Internet!
We have created a game for you, help us make it even better, leave us feedback! Thank you!